About the project

Evolve Lighting required a selection of clean product images for their new website as well as some case study images. The product images were all shot in the studio, utilising studio lighting for control as well as a consistent look and feel. These were then clear cut onto white backgrounds or left transparent for use on the website or in other media. The case study images, also for use on their website, were taken to show not only the unique style of lighting, but also their effectiveness. Finding the right angles and using the correct lenses for this shoot was essential as the lights themselves have to be the star of the show.

About Evolve Lighting

Evolve Lighting takes their family’s 40+ years of commercial and industrial experience in the electrical contracting industry and apply it to their products and solutions. This experience and knowledge help them create innovative, feature-rich and energy-efficient products that are Evolved for our unique market. evolve-lighting.co.nz

Product Images of Crown Downlights and Float Lights

On and off product photography

An interesting take on product photography. This shoot involved three different sizes of downlights with different fittings and colours, each one had to be photographed precisely so when a user on the website changes something, all of the images line up correctly. There are hundreds of possible combinations. You can check it out here

Case study photography

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