Ross Hyde

About the project

The was an absolutely fantastic project. It was great to watch the process of a piece of jewellery being made by the talented jeweller, Ross Hyde. The project was filmed and photographed over a few days as Ross had other projects that he needed to work on. The imagery is used for his website and social media. Custom lighting was created so the various intricate closeup details that go into the process of making jewellery were lit correctly. Ross was very happy with the end result of the photographs and video that Origin Eight made for him.

About Ross Hyde Jeweller

With over 40 years in the jewellery industry, Ross Hyde fuses a passion for creating fine jewellery, with a unique design flair. This is paralleled with a personal ethos that makes sure each client is totally satisfied with the piece he has crafted for them. Hyde Jewellers have been serving Palmerstonians from their Square premises since 1965. Specialising in handmade beautiful jewellery, crafted in their on-site workshop that is designed to suit your individual needs and unique ideas – stunning jewellery is made to your specifications. Contemporary or timeless, it will be a personal statement about yourself or the one you love.

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