Tahi Spirulina
New Zealand’s only Spirulina.

About the Project

Origin Eight has been working with the team to produce their visual marketing material, creating some fabulous images of the family putting Spirulina to great use. For this project, we came up with a lifestyle shoot showing the Tahi family enjoying and preparing some of the Spirulina on some of their favourite foods. We split the shoot up into three sections, first the morning breakfast routine, then the lunch, and for the last, a nice cheese board and wine as an evening treat! Further down you can see editorial shots taken of the Spirulina farm shots of the process that goes into making this amazing product. There is also abstract imagery of the spirulina frozen in water. Origin Eight also had the honour to photograph Tahi for Kia Ora Magazine!

About Tahi

Located in the small coastal community of Himatangi beach in the North Island of New Zealand is Aotearoa’s first Spirulina farm. Grown in purpose-built shallow ponds, the algae are fed salts and water and harvested in heartlands Manawatū. Tahi combines the quality and taste of the French artisan production model with New Zealand’s excellence in food innovation and safety to present you with quite possibly the purest, most beautiful spirulina in the world. tahispirulina.co.nz.

Tahi Lifestyle photography

Tahi editorial photography

Tahi macro/abstract photography

Tahi Kia Ora Magazine

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