Te Aho Tāmaka
Manawatu Leaders

About the project

This project consisted of filming and interviewing the subjects at pre-determined locations to try and fit in with their stories/backgrounds. A series of questions were developed to ask the leaders in order to get responses that would work well with the overall narrative of the project. Then, with a combination of cutaway shots taken, as well as some found footage, the videos were edited and cut to 2 minutes in length as per the brief requirements. Lighting, sound, composition, colour treatment and the spoken words have all been considered to maximize the impact of the project.  The project was a lot of fun and it was great to meet some of the inspirational people to come out of the Manawatū!

About Te Aho Tāmaka

Te Aho Tāmaka Manawatū Leaders programme is the first of its kind in New Zealand, which celebrates the Manawatū region’s great achievers. They are a diverse and accomplished group of leaders who are making a difference in New Zealand and globally, positively contributing to their communities and industries. Manawatū has shaped part of our Te Aho Tāmaka leaders journeys and they are proud of their Manawatū connection.

Te Aho Tāmaka Hero Video

Paul and Fran Dibble

Vanisa Dhiru

Sir David Moxin

Dr David Kirk MBE

Simon Moutter

Linda Jenkinson

Hon. Steve Maharey

Dr. Farah Palmer

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