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About the project

The Rec Room had just had a new website created for them but it was lacking in imagery. Origin Eight came to the rescue and spent an evening with the team and some of their clients. It was a full-on shoot that involved lots of running around to capture the fast-paced workout routines. The video has also been cut together not only to show what it’s like at the gym, but to also show the high energy that is involved. Some support photography and staff profile images were also part of the package.

About the RecRoom

The RecRoom is a 24/7 gym, however, they operate more as a studio in the sense that no member goes unnoticed and receives a tailored experience. They provide a large range of state-of-the-art cardio, free weights and machines to use, as well as personal training and nutrition services to provide motivation and accountability.

The RecRoom Promotional Video

The RecRoom Photography

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