Windmill Press
Letter Pressing

About the project

A fun little project that was fascinating to do. Windmill Press asked Origin Eight to capture the small studio space that Christina works from. A library of images were created for Christina to use on social media platforms and her website including product images to show off the incredible work. A low angle light source was used to show the depth of the indentation caused by using this technique. It was amazing to see the process and the machines she uses; we will forever be amazed at her commitment and expertise. 

About Windmill Press

Windmill Press is a design studio dedicated to keeping the fine art of letterpress printing alive. Using the collection of antique metal and wood type in the studio and creating custom nylon plates, Windmill Press designs and prints wedding stationery, greeting cards, posters and personal stationery. Windmill Press are all about combining the old with the new and seeing and feeling the deep impression that is 21st-century letterpress.

Editorial photography

Product photography

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