Photography, Video, Editing \ Retouching and Post Production


Photography, Video, Editing \ Retouching and Post Production


High quality photography can make or break your brand / product. Origin Eight uses high end digital photography equipment to produce the highest quality images. We cover events, drone photograhy, portraits, products, editorial, conceptual and more. With ten years of experience, getting the perfect shot won’t be a challenge.

Editing / Retouching

Editing and retouching is an art in itself. It takes many years of experience to develop the skills to allow an image to look natural and unmanipulated. That’s when you know its been done right. For Origin Eight using the latest in Adobe software, editing and retouching photos is a breeze. From repairing old photographs, batch processing large quantities of images, removing distracting elements, compositing images together to make a single image, beauty retouching to making a surreal conceptual portrait. You can be sure that Origin Eight can handle it.


Video is the best way to be seen by your target audience. Today, most social media platforms are pushing this as the preferred advertising method. It holds the viewers attention much longer than an image. Origin Eight uses industry leading video equipment that gives full control over all the RAW features that you would usually see with stills photography. Much more powerful than shooting with a DSLR. RAW video lets you change white balance, exposure, ISO and coloured grade without degrading the footage.

Post Production

Post production is essential to make the most out of any video. Origin Eight covers sound design, colour matching of clips, exposure and contrast changes, overall colour grade to portray the mood and feel of the video. Origin Eight uses industry leading software to achieve all of this. Utilising Adobe Audition for sound, Adobe AfterEffects for motion graphics and Premier Pro/Davinci Resolve for editing and colour grading. We cover events, conferences, interviews, VBC’s (video business card), marketing videos and more.

Contractor Support

Origin Eight can cover most things when it comes to photography and video, but if there is something that can’t be done in house, there is a large talent pool of dedicated contractors that will be able to bring any idea you may have to life!

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